Saturday, October 13, 2012

Sharpies + Quiet Taegin = Extreme House Damage

Taegin was really quiet, but I just thought he was upstairs playing with his cars, which he does sometimes.  When I would yell for him he would yell back, "Right here!"  So no big deal.  Addison walked up stairs and said in a normal voice, "Oh no Taegin!"  I assumed he broke one of her toys.  I started up the stairs and this is what I saw!  First I just saw him standing at the top of the stairs with TWO open sharpies and covered in it.  And then it got worse.  He colored every where!  I couldn't believe the kind of damage he did!  I had no idea what to do.  What kind of punishment do you do for that?!  It took a lot of elbow grease to get a little spot done.  It was too much to try and get him to do it.  After I settled down I showed him and told him no and took all his toys away and called it good.  This sweet little boy is going to be the death of me!  But I sure do love him!!!

DANGER!! Rolling over is a hazard

Our poor baby boy Mack broke his arm (his humerus to be exact).  Earlier that week he had learned how to roll from his back to his stomach but doesn't know how to get back.  He would get frustrated and I would be in the middle of something and couldn't help right away.  Addison would get all concerned that he was crying, since he doesn't do much of it, and would tell me to hurry.  So I taught her how to roll him back over, making sure his arms were down to his sides and slowly roll him over.  I had seen her do it a few times and she did great.  I was out of the room when I heard him start crying.  I knew right away it was a hurt cry.  Addison walked towards me as I walked in and said, "I was just rolling him over!"  As soon as I walked over to him I knew something was wrong with his left arm.  It was just laying there limp on the floor.  I picked him up and he just let it hang.  I grabbed his binky to try and soothe him and it didn't work.  He rested his head on my shoulder and just cried.  It wasn't a scream just a whiny cry.  I immediately called my mom asking her what do I do.  She told me to call the doctor and ask them if they wanted me to talk him to the ER.  Called the doc and they said to bring him in.  Reed was on his way home from work but was at least 15 min away.  I started packing Mack in his car seat and called my mom to tell her.  She was already on her way to my house to watch my kids, what would I do without her.  I told the kids that we had to take Mack to the doctor.  Addison started crying saying, "I'm sorry, I was just trying to help!"  My heart ached for her.  I told her I wasn't mad, that I knew it was an accident and we just need to get him checked out.  As I was putting Mack in my car my mom pulled up and took the kids.  Reed met me at the doc office.  I totally expected it to be that Addison pulled his arm out of the socket, it would be a quick pop back in and everything would be good.  The doctor check and said it was most likely broken.  It was either his collarbone or his humerus.   We went and got x-rays and when they handed Reed and I the film we took it out and even I could see that it was broken.  So he is in a hard splint and a sling.  We have been using a swaddle to keep it strapped to his body.  He only has one more week and I can't wait to get it off.  He recently has been rolling over on top of it.  It is sad to watch him try and play with his one free hand.  But he has been a trooper.

Tuesday, September 18, 2012


This year was full of ups and downs as most years are.  One thing that I struggled with this year was Taegin's speech.  I knew early on that he wasn't talking very much.  I talked with my pediatrician and she reassured me that he was a boy and they always start talking later than girls.  This was a hard thing for me, I had Addison who talks way beyond her years and talked very early and so I didn't know what "normal" was. I continued to be concerned but it never went anywhere.  

Finally, I decided to have Taegin evaluated. I set up a time with a speech therapist and waited.  When the day came she told me that he was delayed and would benefit greatly from therapy.  My heart sunk! Luckily she had an opening and was willing to take him.  So we started the speech journey.  

A month or so in she told me that she had Taegin tested for Apraxia and she confirmed he had it.  So as any mom would do I went home and googled!  What a blessing and curse the internet is.  I found out that it is an issue with the brain sending the information to his mouth.  He can't form the words right.  She had gone to a conference about it and the women there does speech at the Mayo Clinic and instead of double 15-20 repetitions it is hundreds!  The people at the Mayo Clinic do speech 3 times a week and the parents have to commit to 10 minutes twice a day.  WOW!  That is a lot of work.  I should also tell you that we have a STRONG suspicion that Taegin has ADD/ADHD so to try and get him to do 5 min is a task.  How was I to do it?  How was I to get him to sit there and do the work?  

After having him in speech he made great improvement.  He was putting t's  and k's on the ends of his words.  It was a slow process but he was getting better.  But still most of the time I had to translate for people.  It was hard to drop him off to nursery knowing that no one could understand him.  

Then I began to think he was the age for preschool. But yet he didn't know colors, numbers, letters, or shapes.  Because of his speech he is delayed in other areas too.  I began to look into special needs (I hate that phrase) preschool.  It is a process of having him evaluated and seeing if his delay is enough that he qualifies for the service.  I asked his current therapist to write something up for his evaluation and what she wrote hit me hard.  She said he was in the bottom 2nd percentile.  I knew he was delayed but didn't realize it was so severe.

Some of the thoughts that went through my head were if he would ever talk normal.  How can I send him to sunbeams this way?  What about kindergarten?  It was an emotional roller coaster for me.  I had to come to grips with the fact that he needed help in certain areas and I was doing what I could to help.  But that didn't take away the fact that there was the possibility that he could never talk correctly.  

He was approved through the school district for preschool and does speech while he is there.  He loves riding the bus and taking his back pack.  

I still struggle with it and still cry some days when he is trying to tell me something and I just can't understand.  He has the biggest personality I have ever seen and you fall in love with him the second you meet him.  The speech doesn't bother him.  He hardly ever gets mad because you can't understand him.  

I hope to use this blog as a way to express the hardship and the accomplishments of Taegin's speech.  I tried to get some videos on here so you could hear him but it wouldn't work.  I'll keep trying.        

Monday, September 17, 2012

The past year

Wow can't believe it has been a year since I have put anything on here.  Lots has happened.  Too much to write it all out so prepare for pics! (not is any order really)

Family Pics 2011

Went from this

To this

Did temple work for my dad's parents

Add Mack Reed Smith to the family

The zoo (thanks Lisa for photo bombing!)

Addison turned 5

Mack baby

Mack gave us a little scare and we had to go to Primary Children's for some x-rays

Addison turns 12

Seven Peaks

Lots of city celebrations, parades, carnivals

Taegin turned 3

Addison was in her first parade

Played in the water in the backyard

Cousins in town

Children's bike parade, the girls loved talking to this "real" princess!

Mack continues to grow

My rockstar girl

Got grass?

Taegin's first day of school

Addison's first day of Kindergarten.  I didn't cry the first day but I did the next day when she ran inside all by herself

Addison graduated preschool

Lisa came home from her mission

Mack had jaundice, his eyes looked awful

Mack's blessing day

Taegin loves the camera

This is Mack today.  His eyes are so blue and he is a great baby!

Taegin playing in the gutter while we were working out in the yard.
Taegin loved helping (not really helping but making things harder) the boys      

It has been a great year!  We are glad to me in a home now.  The kids are so in love with Mack that he needs a bodyguard 24/7.  Hopefully I can get in the habit of posting more frequently.